Laavu cinemagraph


Laavu is the finnish term for an open shelter (lean to), that is commonly found in the Finnish national parks. We had been talking about creating an outdoors cinemagraph with Andy for some time, and decided it was time to take an afternoon trip to Sipoonkorpi national park a week ago. We asked Eero to model for us, as he is an outdoors person and a pleasure to work with.

We started by defining the composition and lighting for the shot. Eero was easy to direct, and perfomed the wanted movement with care, which is extremely important in cinemagraph creation. We wrapped up the session with some Finnish sausages over the fire. What a great session!

The finalisation of the cinemagraph was done in post production.  It is wise to start by defining the optimal loop of motion, especially when human driven motion is involved. If the footage has been captured with care, the edit will most likely be easier.

What do you think about the Laavu cinemagraph? Let us know what cinemagraph you would like to see us create?